Cornwall Tour of Britain

Website and social media for the Cornwall stage of the 2021 Tour of Britain

The brief

Cornwall Council approached Eight Wire with the need for a new website for the Cornwall Grand Depart Stage of the Tour of Britain in 2021. The ambition for the website is to showcase key information, content and messages surrounding the 2021 Cornwall Stage of the Tour of Britain. It also needed to be user friendly with engaging content and a simple intuitive navigation, which can be used on any browser.

What we did

Working together with the client we designed and produced a fully optimised website with client content management functionality. It is responsive and ‘future proof’, including the opportunity for it to grow and for the client to populate with additional material as the project progresses. The design of the site incorporates the stage event branding and reflects the colours of Cornwall as well as complementing the design and branding of the Tour of Britain.

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What happened next

The next stage in the process was the development of the site, building in a gallery as well as a private area for users with access to download materials not available to the general public. We worked with the client closely throughout the whole project, listening to feedback and incorporating it into iterations. We also provided ongoing support as they continued to add content and develop the site.

The outcome

We responded to the brief and produced results in the tight timeframe given. We’re very excited to hear the positive comments the client has had in response to the website and how much attention it has gained. The event was a success and the website was utilised to provide important information and help build community spirit, offering resources for people to get involved.

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Returned business

Off the back of working with us on their website they asked for support with their social media accounts, to plan and schedule regular content around the event. We took time analysing options for their social media platforms using already existing assets and considered different strategies which would help increase their brand awareness on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. This involved us putting in some planned and scheduled posts but giving them the flexibility to add additional content when required. Over the 60 day period their Instagram account had a 600% increase in post interaction compared to the previous period. Their Facebook page had over 8000 engagements with posts over the period and they received just under 2000 likes, re tweets and comments on Twitter. 

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