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Domain thing is to get it sorted, or URL regret it.

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Your business website is fantastic. It works so well, ranking highly in search engines, it is beautifully designed and the content on your site is so informative and persuasive that the customers simply can’t wait to spend their hard-borrowed cash on your product. One day though, that website of yours might just disappear… We’ve seen it happen. If your domain (your web address, for example belongs to someone else, like […]

colour swatches

Is it Art?

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Sometimes people compare graphic or advertising design to fine art. They believe that a piece of graphic design should be something of stunning visual beauty that the audience would admire or wish to frame and hang in a gallery. An interesting notion that whilst commonplace isn’t necessarily relevant. Of course as a designer I would love all my work to be universally admired and gazed upon with loving eyes. But let’s […]


Digital Marketing for your business – are you getting it right?

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Marketing Any small firm wishing to use a digital marketing plan should first look at their business as a whole. Business development, lead generation, events, content development and PR should all tie into their digital marketing strategy. Nothing should be implemented until that business knows exactly what is happening across their organisation. Whilst creating a plan, always keep in mind the type of person it is trying to target and what […]

Creative thinking

Creative Thinking Makes Financial Sense

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Creative thinking is not just a crucial element for Eightwire, but a necessary tool in any companies skills set. Although generally under used and disparaged, original thought and creative problem solving can aid any company in gaining ground within their market place, even creating new markets. Being different from business rivals is becoming increasingly important as individual companies need to spread out from their immediate geolographical footprint and compete on a […]


Web Typography with CSS

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Translating a great design from print, or an artwork file to an accessible HTML/CSS website can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to Typography. As a client or graphic designer when working with a developer its important you know the limitations of what can be achieved, but its also handy to be armed with a few tips to get the best visual for your site. Using CSS there are […]

Egg basket

Are all your eggs in one basket?

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Over the past decade we have seen a shift in client demand from printed literature to online solutions. At face value this probably doesn’t mean very much, but when you look deeper it may have dramatic impacts. Every business needs to promote itself – and of course needs to see both value for money and a return on the investment, otherwise what’s the point. But why does it seem that many […]


SEO Snapshot – A Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

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Having recently trained our clients in using the Content Management Systems for their sites, the client often and quite rightly asks us about ‘Google Results’. After all what is the point in us designing a great looking, intuitive, accessible website if it’s not getting any traffic through the Search Engines? Here is a quick beginner’s guide to some terms you may hear, and tips on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. […]

Brand identity


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The last two years has seen a shift in high street activity from consumers, and the retailers are having to adapt. The budget of the consumer has generally tightened and the impulse purchase has been in decline. People are considering purchases more carefully and planning spending more diligently. For example, the downturn (lets keep this positive) in 2008 saw an increase in turnover for the lower end of the retail sector […]

Logo design

Metaphor and ambiguity

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Design can often provoke the observer to look twice. Different observers may see different things or interpret the same thing they see in different ways. When we design a logo for example, we often try to create something that is both obvious (particularly to the intended target audience), and something subtle that may be metaphorical to add depth and interest to the design. Sometimes we create a marque that is wholly […]

Brand Identity

Making your marque (helpful advice on building a brand)

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Many people consider their company brand just to be their logo, however, in reality your brand identity is much more. A successful brand combines a colour theme, a typographic theme and a graphic visual (usually referred to as a logo, a marque or icon), but they should all work together to convey a message that is communicated in a specific tone-of-voice to appeal to the desired target audience. Often a brand […]

Business plan

Have you got a plan?

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We believe that the key to success in any business or organisation is very simple, PLAN, DO, MEASURE, REPEAT. Unfortunately, most businesses and organisations tend to skip one or two of these, usually in favour of just “doing something”. They will create a website, an advert or leaflet, or perhaps attend an event or dabble on social media platforms. However, a lot of time and money can be wasted on this […]

Marketing table

Here to help!

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As UK businesses focus on working out what a post-lockdown business landscape might look like, we wanted to let you know what’s been going on at Eight Wire over the last few months and assure you that we’re here to help when you need us. The Eight Wire team has been working hard from their various homes since March and we’ve been privileged to have helped many clients navigate an unusual […]

Google Adwords help

Need some help with Google AdWords?

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Adwords is a pay per click advertising tool which enables business to advertise in Google search results – you may have seen the ‘sponsored links’ appear in your search results at the top and side of the list.

marketing for beginners

Marketing for Beginners

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Organised by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Sara Pugh of Eight Wire is delighted to lead an exciting day of marketing, branding, PR & social media, aimed at social entrepreneurs and enterprises in Cornwall on Thursday 8th December, 10am-4pm.

Eight Wire

Five social media updates worth paying attention to

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It’s 2016. We are all aware that businesses need to embrace digital marketing to get optimum results. Whichever social media channels you use it is likely that keeping up with the latest developments can leave your brain feeling boggled. You are not alone, and in this feature we’ll give you our quick-fire guide to the top five social media developments of the past five months.