Are all your eggs in one basket?

Egg basket

Over the past decade we have seen a shift in client demand from printed literature to online solutions. At face value this probably doesn’t mean very much, but when you look deeper it may have dramatic impacts.

Every business needs to promote itself – and of course needs to see both value for money and a return on the investment, otherwise what’s the point. But why does it seem that many businesses have become over reliant on online marketing rather than spread the risk and reach different markets in different ways. “Traditional” marketing using print, radio, TV, networking, PR, display etc hasn’t suddenly stopped working – on the contrary. Websites, Social Media and eMarketing are all great tools, but they aren’t replacements for old tools, they should be viewed as additional elements to a marketing strategy to make it more effective.

I love the potential of new media, its creativity, speed and its reach are awe inspiring, but would I be wise to focus all my efforts and resources here at the expense of PR, advertising, mail shots etc? I think not.

Balance, common sense and seeking to take advantage of every tool at your disposal is not only sound business practice, but will help you stand out from the crowd – especially if all those around you have withdrawn into concentrating their efforts online only.