Win a leap Day

It's a leap year!
In honour of this quadrennial marvel, Eight Wire is gifting a day of each of our team's time to deserving businesses – such as yours – to celebrate all that is great about what your business could be with a teensy bit of Eight Wire magic.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one more day to give you the chance to get that project off the ground or meet those marketing goals that are just so elusive?

Well, with our ‘gift of a day’ competition, there could be someone ready to roll up their sleeves and give you a day of their time to help make it happen.

As you probably know, we can help with branding, search-engine optimisation, print design, social media campaigns, public relations, email marketing and graphic design among other things that involve marketing specialists, graphic designers and communications wizards.

To be in with a chance, you will need to impress the judges by letting us know what your plans are using the contact form on this page. Give us the basics about you and let us know what your project is and how you think we could help. It’s as easy as that.

Your project doesn’t have to cover a full day’s work. It could be a day donated by us as part of a bigger project or it could be a small tweak that takes only a couple of hours.

You don’t need to be creating a new space port or launching the next worldwide online sensation, we understand that marketing and communications projects are critical at all levels to make business work – and let’s face it, times haven’t been that easy recently.

In the spirit of a fun competition, the rules are being kept deliberately vague. We’re not quite sure of the level of response to expect so no specifics of how the competition will be judged are being released. However, we do promise that every entry form will be reviewed and responded to as fairly as possible.

Where entries can be grouped into similar requirements (specific training needs, for example) we may choose to invite those people to free workshops on the subject to help raise their skills in the business.

Best of luck. Here’s to the difference an extra day could make!