The brief

The Circular Economy Hub approached us to create engaging branding for their central hub and satellite hubs alongside design and development for a new website as part of their official project launch.

What we did

We created logo sets and detailed brand guidelines to clearly outline the communication of the brand across different media and in conjunction with other relevant brands. As part of this project, we created branded templates for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

After developing the brand guidelines, we consulted them on their needs for website function and design. We proceeded to create a sitemap and wireframe key page templates. Once signed off, we designed the pages ready for development.

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What happened next

The next stage was the development and build of their website following the sitemap, wireframes and designs. We built the website to their exact specifications with the intention for further development in a phase 2.

The new brand guidelines were essential in assisting the client with content creation and formatting across the website and other marketing channels.

The outcome

In response to their brief, we created a modern and sophisticated website and supplied detailed brand guidelines. They were impressed with the process and work that went into the project and we continue to have an ongoing relationship: they have since approached us to assist with new email newsletters and an intricate infographic design to visually represent the circular economy.

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