Worldwide Financial Planning

Brand identity

The brief

Worldwide Financial Planning came to us needing a new brand identity. They had strong values and a clear purpose and wanted the brand to reflect and communicate these. They explained that  Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance is an important part of the brand and how it refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. It was clear that Worldwide is a caring brand, one that is socially responsible and aims to help people to achieve their needs and enable them to lead fulfilling lives.

What we did

With all of this information we set out on our branding journey, excited and pleased to be working with likeminded people. We began with creating a number of logo ideas – these ranged from typographical to incorporating a logo symbol or pictorial mark. Initially we design all of our ideas in black and white while exploring colour usage alongside. This helps us to focus on the logo form, shape and feel.  Experimenting with form, colours, fonts and imagery we began to play with pulling some of these elements together in some example logo designs and branding boards. 

What happened next

From here we met up with the client to discuss our work so far and to start narrowing the choice of designs down. They put forward a number of logos they felt had potential. We continued to develop these logos further, playing with the design elements to produce more iterations. After this stage we then narrowed the logo choice down again and refined these options. We then presented these to Worldwide and arrived at a final decision.

The outcome

The result is a clean, simplistic solid logo that suggests togetherness, protection, trust and kindness. It also reflects hands nurturing a tree and wrapping around the world. It is very significant and has meaning on a number of levels. A comprehensive colour palette has been developed to provide flexibility while creating a unified, recognisable appearance across all communications. An animation was also created to capture the brand’s mission, values and to communicate the ESG part of the business.

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