Konnect for Business

PR, Print Design, Website, Social Media and PR for Konnect for Business

The brief

Konnect Communities offers extensive support to individuals in challenging circumstances around Cornwall. They came to us to assist them with the launch of their new project – Konnect for Business. They were looking for us to build a brand, create printworks and assist them with PR.

What we did

We began by sitting down with the client to gain a good understanding of the project and what they are looking to achieve. We consulted them on the function and design of their website and how they wanted Konnect for Business to be incorporated into it, after we had agreed this, we created a wireframe for approval. Once the client agreed they were happy we designed the page, ready for development.


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What happened next

We then started by creating printworks to be used on their website and other publications such as banners. Then using the page design we had created, we set up a page specifically for Konnect for Business and included graphics created by us. We then developed a press release to celebrate the launch of their new project and another celebrating the success Konnect Communities had in 2021.

The outcome

Konnect for Business now has their own space on the website which matches the clients brief. We continue to have a good relationship with the client and have been managing their Twitter account, creating content and posting regularly.

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